"My dear, if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs."~Charles Dickens

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Cup of Tea and a Prayer

Is it a stressful day for some reason? Put the kettle on, take a breath, say a prayer, and make a cup of tea!

Kids home? Snow day? Running out of things to do with them? Tight deadlines on your work? You don't know where to begin? Other stresses and strains adding to the mix?

Pause for a prayer and a cup of tea, it will work wonders...

What's on your plate today? Leave a comment and let's have a "cup of tea" together!

God bless and hugs,


  1. Hi Donna,

    Back again for a cup of tea on this chilly day. Fortunately where I live we will miss all the snow and cold. I pray for those on the east coast that are targeted for this next storm. I'm just reflecting on all the blessings of living in the great country, the USA. It's been very difficult for so many Americans in the economy, and I ask our Lord to bless them, and give them hope, faith and optimism for better days ahead. I'm also praying for our leaders, to listen to God in their hearts, to do what is good and just according to God's will. I homeschool my teen dd using Seton Catholic curriculum. I'm so grateful for this school! Seton has been such a blessing for her, and my family. We are working on American Lit today, Religion, Spanish, and doing a research report on Ronald Reagan. Specifically how Pres. Reagan and Pope John Paul II worked together to bring about the collapse of communism in the eastern block. It's fascinating! Have a blessed day Donna! Your ministry and works for Catholic moms is a blessing for me. God bless, Jenny

  2. It's wonderful to have you here for a vist, Jenny, and a cup of tea! Bless your heart for stopping by and sharing with us here.

    It's wonderful that you are homeschooling, staying warm, and counting your blessings and also praying for our country and its leaders. We need to keep those prayers going.

    Thank you for very much for your kind words on my ministry too. "All for the glory of God and the good of the people!" as Mother Teresa told me. Please keep me in your prayers so taht I can continue as God would have me do.

    Blessings to you and yours today, Jenny!

  3. Donna, I loved our cup of tea by phone this morning. Thanks so much for making time. I know it's a sacrifice for you, and me, but it was so worth it! :) I am still thinking of your cat trying to figure out what was going on when hearing my voice through speaker phone! Many blessings, friend!

  4. Roxane, I did too. It was lovely. I wish I could have had a video of my cat trying to grab the phone from me, wondering why your voice was coming out of it. :)
    Blessings to you!