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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"This killing place must be one of the most bazaar mills in the country."

I enjoyed your informative article in the issue of the K of C's Columbia magazine. I am familiar with the value of  Ultrasound.  The link below to Prolifecorner.com will show you the abortionist war against a unit that comes once a week to the abortuary here in Rockford. This killing place must be one of the most bazaar mills in the country. Before the motor home ultrasound  first arrival in Rockford a pro life leader met with the Police and City Officials..and they said there were no problems. BUT the second time it arrived from Elgin, IL (approx 60 Miles East) the Police ordered it out of town. The www.prolifecorner.com has many videos and stories about this and other zany, unbelievable stories, one of which is a uniformed Rockford Policeman with a skull emblem on his head gear ordering a pro lifer to not get near him. After the pro lifer ask him about his hat..so the pro lifer walked in the street to avoid being near the officer...and the officer issued him a JAYWALKING ticket.

The link below shows the crazy signs that the mill owner displays by the Motor home: "Woman Raped in Motor home" and "Motor home has bedbugs."   

Have you encountered or heard of these things anywhere else?  Perhaps you  regret inviting me to tea to discuss such disgusting things.

Barney Baxter
Rockford, IL 

Dear Barney,

I'm glad you enjoyed my article, Living Proof in Columbia magazine.
To answer your question, I have not personally witnessed this particular problem you mention. However, I have certainly have witnessed and experienced a lot of trials and tribulations while peacefully sidewalk counseling at the abortuary where I used to go. I would go regularly for many years to meet up with others to prayerfully witness and be there to offer help to the poor confused young women and men. We prayed the Rosary, meeting there faithfully, always following the picketing laws. 

A few times I just missed being run over by angry drivers speeding into the abortuary parking lot, perhaps not wanting to see the prayerful witness of pro-lifers outside the murder chamber doors because it might have hit a bad nerve with them. 

It was all worth it though, knowing that many women changed their minds and decided not to go through with an abortion. One time in particular, I knelt down beside a car (to be at their level) and talked to a couple through the open windows of their car. By the time our conversation was over, they told me that they would go in to the "clinic" and cancel their appointment. And they did! They came out and with tears in their eyes, came over and told me that they would make it, they would live with her parents and bring their baby into the world!

One time, while there, a man came right up to my face and threatened to "bleeping" kill me right there on the spot. I thank the good Lord for sparing my life. I had small children who needed me, after all.

I had to stop going to the abortion mill after my spiritual director (who went there himself and led us in the Rosary and many prayers) told me to pray at home for everyone instead. This was right after someone driving into the abortion mill parking lot swerved and drove over the sidewalk and almost crashed into my child who was by my side in a stroller. Again, God spared us. Father was concerned for our safety and reminded me that I was already "doing" my "pro-life at home" raising my family and also taking in an un-wed mother who was expecting another baby. 

Yes, Barney, it's a horrible battle of life and death and some crazy things go on in the name of the law. We must all pray for these innocent babies, for their expectant mothers, their fathers, and even the abortionists and all who work at these places of killing. Oh, and let's not forget to pray for the police officers you mentioned too.

May God bless you and all those who strive to prayerfully and peacefully protect human life!

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